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POLYMATH EDU VISIONARIES, HYDERABAD, INDIA established in the year 2010 is a pioneering coaching centre into Engineering entrance examinations like IIT -JEE / AIEEE / BITSAT / EAMCET / AIPMT etc., Since its inception it has been striving its level best in showing the right path to all its students according to their core competencies and potencies with the able guidance of senior most freelance professors having an average experience of 20 years. Our team taught and guided thousands of students who are placed and well settled in different corporate companies in India and abroad. Our faculty strength is our breath and placing the student on the right path of his / her career is our motto.

Besides Physical Class Room teaching POLYMATH has now entered into VIRTUAL CLASS ROOM TEACHING (One to One and One to Many) and ONLINE TESTING for Engg., entrance exams / Medical entrance exams / NDA / MBA / CIVIL SERVICES / BANK EXAMS / NTSE / OLYMPIAD which is the dire need of the students / aspirants now a days. VIRTUAL CLASS ROOM TEACHING (One to Many) is taken up for any institution / centre from our studio in Hyderabad that bridges the gap between students and good teachers. Now, a student can interact with any teacher on the globe through this tool.

From The Director's Desk

Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man and the primary objective of any educational system is to manifest the learner to adjust to the environment of the society.

The fifth psychological stage in human life occurs in High School to Higher Secondary School, where in, the formation of personal identity becomes critical that serves as a basis for finding future directions in life.

Those who find a sense of identity feel secure, independent and ready to face the future, while those who remain confused may feel lost, insecure and unsure of their place in the world. This requires more concentration on over all personality development and Career Orientation of the learner besides ‘Syllabus completion oriented’ teaching.

At this juncture, CAREERSCHOOL is the initiative taken by POLYMATH, a pioneering educational institution established in September 2010 by highly experienced teaching professionals to bridge the gap between Schooling and Career Building and has been offering Face To Face Tutoring to VIII to XII Classes, guiding them to the right path of their line of interest. On its way, to reach all the places globally, more particularly Semi Urban Towns, a 3 Way Teaching model is introduced with the help of VIRTUAL CLASS ROOM TEACHING to provide the facilities and benefits that are available to Metropolitan and Cosmopolitan Students.

‘Aptitude’ and ‘Life Skills’ are essentials of every student of any career that are included in our curriculum to help the students in all walks of their life like Olympiads / Talent Tests / Admission Tests / Campus Recruitment Tests / Placements etc.,

We are strong enough to provide solution to every academic requirement of VIII to XII classes and online solution to VI and VII Classes at present.

As said by Swamy Vivekananda ‘Knowledge is inherent in a human being, like a spark in a piece of flint, needed is to strike of suggestion to bring it out’, we strive to become ‘strike of suggestion’.

Our Core Strength - Faculty

Dr. D V Narayana Rao


Raghu Kumar Chichhula


Dr. Prasad A V


DR. Sasikala Kunapareddy


Satish Maddali


V. VIJAY Kiran


Our Vision

To build an educational system that generates the students 'Know something about everything and everything about something' - A POLYMATHIAN

Our Mission

A team of experts and professionals from different fields teach, guide, inspire and motivate the students to attain their career goals

Our Values

Dedicated & Result Oriented eaching Continuous Evaluation & Accountability Besides Psychological Approach to Students, Understanding Students from Parental View Placing the student in the right path of his / her line of Interest as per ones Potencies & Core Competencies with the Available resources Creating all possible means for the betterment of the students.

Dedicated to Mother India

Students/ Teachers/ Intellectuals/ Social Workers – it’s for you all!!?

When INDIA flourished with great kingdoms, planned cities, glorious cultures, abundant natural resources, great gurus, universities,stable finances what not blessed with everything then so called great countries of the world now a days, did not even know wearing the dress properly. As you all know the historical facts that our country invaded and looted by eastern and western countries for so many centuries together and brought to worst conditions till its independence. Even after the independence, the social and financial conditions of our country still became worse than previous due to our utter negligence and ignorance in all walks of our life.

Have a glance at the exchange value of US DOLLAR to HONG KONG DOLLAR (HKD) and INDIAN RUPEE (INR) from 1948 to 2009 in the adjacent table which clearly shows drastic fall of our country financial stand in the international market.

Being the citizens of INDIA, it is our minimum responsibility to know “Something about Everything and Everything about Something”.

Whatever the issue you have in mind about the country that needs to be publicised for the benefit of the nation and obviously the public (may be global), please let us know and we dedicate this page to you all. You may be A Critic, A Cartoonist, A Painter on Social Awareness, A well-wisher of Mother Land, A Social Worker for down trodden, A Good Teacher wants to guide/ inspire the students/ youth, A Fighter Against Corruption or anything you want to do something for the betterment of our Mother Land then you are the right person to make use of this platform.



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Anyone can be a polymath as long as he or she has the right motivation.

A polymath is not necessarily a brain. In fact, a polymath usually does not think of his or herself as being particularly smart, only curious. Curiosity and interest are the true motivation for work, both intellectual work and the nitty gritty of hands on inventing. Thomas Edison said that genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. He had a passion for getting his hands dirty, for tinkering, for inventing through trial and error. The polymath makes lots of mistakes. This is how new sciences are created.

The brain requires constant exercise and continues to develop throughout life. The polymath tries to exercise all parts of the brain. It is more than just acquiring general knowledge, not essentially memorization.

Yes for all standards from VII to XII including all entrance tests/ admission tests in between and after XII i.e., Entrance Tests for all UG Programs.

Polymath will guide the student to achieve his targets according to his Aptitude,Personality and Interest (API model).

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